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Insurance & Billing

We recognize that you may have questions or concerns about our insurance and billing procedures.  Please use the content of this section to learn about our billing process.

•Facility fees for your procedure at the San Diego Endoscopy Center are for services including supplies, medications, equipment and nursing services.  These fees are billed to your insurance company and are available upon request.

•Separate fees for physician professional services are submitted to your insurance company by your physician’s office.  Separate fees may be submitted for pathology and laboratoary services, if applicable, for your procedure.

•Prior to your procedure we strongly encourage you to personally contact your insurance company about your upcoming procedure.  It is mandatory that YOU, as the insurance subscriber, confirm that all prior authorization information necessary to your specific policy is completed before your procedure date.  You may be penalized by your insurance company if you don't follow your policy guidelines.  You must understand what your benefits cover and how this may affect you financially.

•Copay and deductible payments will be collected from you at the time of your visit.  We accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards with credit approval on the date of payment.   If you have questions regarding coverage, it is best for you to contact your insurance company.

•As a courtesy, we file a claim with your insurance company for you.  We ask you to sign an “assignment of benefits” form so that the check comes directly to the endoscopy center.  If the facility fees are more than anticipated, you will be billed for your share of the additional costs after the claim is processed by your insurance company.  The San Diego Endoscopy Center bill does NOT include the services of your physician, anesthesia staff, pathologist or lab.

•It is your right as a patient to request information or have questions answered regarding our fees or payment policies.  If you have any questions or problems regarding your bill, please contact our business office at 619-497-2888