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San Diego Endoscopy Center was designed to provide patients with high quality care at a lower cost and in a less stressful environment than the hospital.  Our pleasant atmosphere and highly trained and helpful staff can minimize the anxiety that often comes with procedures.

To prevent health care errors, patients are urged to SPEAK UP . Speak up if you have questions or concerns, pay attention to the care you get, educate yourself about your illness, ask a family member or friend to be your advocate, know what medicines you take and why, participate in all decisions about your care and use medical care facilities that have be carefully checked out


About UsSan Diego Endoscopy Center is approximately 2950 square feet in size, consisting of three procedures rooms that are equipped with the latest video equipment.  There are 21 physicians on staff with 10 of those physicians having 50% ownership partnering with SCA.
Physician Focus Dr. Epsten, a second generation physician began private practice in solo practice in 1986. Dr. Epsten joined San Diego Endoscopy Center in 1992 and became a partner the following year. He has served as the Director of Gastroenterology at Scripps Mercy Hospital for the past ten years. Click here to read more. 
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Ambulatory surgery centers offer substantial cost savings to patients and care-givers. Click here for graphs and more information. 



San Diego Endoscopy Center

Our Staff Provides Expert Specialized Attention

With specially trained physicians and nurses, and highly skilled technicians, the goal of our staff is to make you feel at ease.  

Quality, Safety and Patient Satisfaction

Since the opening of our endoscopy center, we have continuously focused on measuring and improving the quality and safety of our endoscopic services.  We record and evaluate both the quality and outcomes of the endoscopic procedures.  These ongoing studies include: Patient Satisfaction, Malignancy Rates, and Annual Evaluation of Physician Performance.